Fernanda Peviani is a Brazilian actor, voice-over artist, singer, presenter and model with over 16 years of experience.

Her face can be seen in numerous TV commercials and her voice can be heard in spots and jingles for important global brands. Fernanda has also been on stage with theatrical presentations as well as the lead vocalist for a variety of rock, jazz and reggae bands.

She performed as a supporting actor in major productions that ranged from short films to soap operas and her first role as a leading actor came with the feature Desaparecidos (2011) by David Schürmann.

In 2019, Fernanda moved to London to improve her set of skills and has starred in two short films since then - The Cover-Up, by James Kennedy (2019) and Luzinete, by Carla Di Bonito (2021), in which she was nominated for Best Actress by The Maverick Movie Awards and Best Leading Actress by the North Europe Independent Film Festival - London Edition.