Fernanda Peviani is an award-winning Brazilian actor, voice-over artist, radio host, presenter, singer, and model.

She has performed as an actor in significant productions that range from films to soap operas, and her first role as a leading actor came with the feature Desaparecidos (2011) by David Schürmann.

Fernanda has appeared in numerous TV commercials, and you can listen to her voice in spots and jingles for renowned global brands. Additionally, she has performed in theatrical performances and showcased her talents as the lead vocalist in a diverse range of rock, jazz, and reggae bands.

In 2019, Fernanda embarked on a journey to London, where she honed her skills even further. Her remarkable talent shone brightly in 2021 when she delivered an exceptional performance as the lead actor in Luzinete, directed by Carla Di Bonito, winning six awards for Best Actress, including the 8 & Half Film Awards in Cannes.

In 2022, she joined Radio Mais Brazil UK as a broadcast presenter, where she's been conducting interviews with some of the most renowned entrepreneurs and artists in the Brazilian, American, and British scenes at the Lunch Time Show, alongside Neto Brazil.

This year Fernanda has been invited to be part of the jury of the 9th edition of FESTiFRANCE 2023, a French film festival taking place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.